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We believe in providing a hassle-free approach to organizations and individuals who wish to order custom USB drives and promotional USB drives.

We have been reliably supplying USB Drives to organizations all over North America and Europe, while operating from Toronto, Canada since 2012. Our reputation is a result of our fast delivery, free shipping, and competitive prices. Our product quality and exceptional customer service over the past few years has made us market leaders. You can trust all our sales reps to make sure you receive the highest possible quality for your customized credit/business card USBs, or for any other USB model you wish to use for your promotional and marketing campaigns. Our customer service is 24/7, and not only do we provide the best quality at competitive prices, each of our products also come with a 12 year warranty.

Our extensive catalogue consists of customizable flash drives that are suitable for various occasions; these are used at weddings and tradeshows, in schools and universities, by businesses large and small as corporate gifts, by marketing departments for promotional campaigns, by musicians to store entire music albums and by photographers to store photo shoots. No matter what the purpose is, you can count on us to have a solution for you. Just browse our catalogue and discover the best flash drive for your needs.

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The real test of great service isn't just getting a great product. There are many great products out there, but that doesn't necessarily equate to great service. I experienced a problem at Promotional Drives, it was really no ones fault, and when I brought it to their attention it was shocking how quickly they responded and bent over backwards to fix the issue, accommodate us, and make sure that we were more than satisfied. I stand behind companies that stand behind their work. It shows that they care about their customers and, moreover, take pride in their work and have integrity in what they do. Sadly, this is not always the case and a rarity these days. Alternative, I was in a similar bind with a certain Power Tool company recently. I bought a defective product and when I brought it to their attention they were gruff, unapologetic, and basically just said "you're out of luck." I'll just say that, as a result, their strategy only made me a Dewalt man. In every company there are bound to be glitches. But the way that Promotional Drives responded only spurred me to show them the same loyalty they've shown us and made me respect them all the more. I give them my highest recommendation! You won't be disappointed and, in the rare case that you are you, will be reappointed shortly!

Matthew Moore

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