14 Industries using Promotional USB Drives (and what they use them for!)

Much like promotional products and promotional giveaways in general, promotional USB flash drives tend to be used in a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. However, unlike other promotional items (such as pens, mugs, hats), promotional USB drives more often than not tend to serve a more practical purpose than simply being “just another giveaway”.

The reason for this is it is not merely about the physical logo branded product, but about the digital storage as well. For example a company may hand out promotional pens at a trade-show as a promotional product, the idea being people will keep the pen to use and their brand will get promoted. If however they are handing out promotional USB drives instead, chances are that they are also delivering some digital content on the USB drives, such as a price sheet or catalog. This is the reason USB drives are so much more effective at promoting companies and brands.

Because of this, promotional USB drives have come to the forefront of the promotional products industry. There are a broad range of industries that utilize promotional USB Drives. However there are a few prominent industries that we have seen use promotional USB drives over and over again for the past few years.

Over the past 5+ years at Promotional Drives, here are the industries we have seen use promotional USB Drives in various ways (prior to going into detail, here is a clickable list in case you are interested in a specific industry and want to jump right to it):

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DID YOU KNOW: Different File formats for USB drive: FAT32 vs. exFAT vs. NTFS

Welcome to another edition of our ‘DID YOU KNOW Series’ where we post about things related to USBs that most people are unaware of. In the past, we have posted on: data locking, renaming your USB drive, useful ways to use USBs, and converting your USB to a WebKey. In this edition, we will talk about the different ways you can format your USB flash drive.

There are many file systems a USB drive can be formatted in. Each format has its own pros and cons. By understanding the fundamental difference between the most common file systems, you can derive the most use out of your promotional USB drives. In the subsequent discussion, we will highlight the major differences between the most common USB drive file formats so that you can determine which formatting works best for you! Continue reading

Hey Accounting Firms – Tax Season is Coming. Move to Promotional USBs Now!

With tax season right around the corner, most accounting firms specializing in tax are getting ready to hunker down. This is the time of year their tax accountants will be working long hours, ferociously calculating their clients’ tax positions. So, to get them ready, every accounting firm will start to compile a list of everything their tax accountants will need to effectively complete their jobs.

Yes, I am, of course, talking about replenishing the firm’s kitchen’s coffee reserves. But that’s not all. Firms will also need to make sure their printers are fully functional, with extra toner and ink on standby – along with hundreds of stacks of papers.

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USB Drives for Realtors

custom usb drive

The cost of USB drives are decreasing every day. This has made it possible for many businesses and organizations to distribute USB drives away for free to create public awareness and brand recognition in various marketing campaigns. USB drives can be easily customized to have logos of companies printed or engraved on them. These promotional USB drives can also have information and multimedia, e.g. videos, pictures and photos, presentations, forms and documents preloaded on them that may be important for clients and prospects to know.  Continue reading

DID YOU KNOW: You can convert your USB to a WebKey?

Hello and welcome back to yet another installation of our DID YOU KNOW Series where we talk about things you can make your custom USB drives do that you probably did not know about. So far, we’ve posted blogs on items like: being able to lock the data you have had uploaded on your custom USB drives, exploring some of the ways to use your custom USB drives that you probably had no idea about, and most recently, providing an alternative name for your custom USB drive (no, it does not have to be named ‘Removable Disk’).

For this addition to the DID YOU KNOW Series, I will talk about converting your custom USB drive from a storage USB, to a WebKey. I’m not a fortune teller, but if I were, I’d be willing to bet that you immediately have two questions. The first, ‘is it even possible to have your USB behave as something other than a storage device?’ The answer: YES. The second question you most likely have is ‘wait, what is a WebKey?’ Well, keep on reading to find out! Continue reading

Shipping your promotional USB flash drives to hotels

One of the things we are most proud of at Promotional Drives is our ability to work with you to meet your deadline when you are in a time crunch. Whereas other companies quote production times and time to ship, we understand what you really care about is when you actually get the USB drives in your hand. Therefore we work with you to make sure you receive your promotional USB flash drives before your deadline.

We have a great track record doing this; in fact we are so confident of our ability to consistently do so that we have a 100% refund if we miss your deadline policy – something that is unmatched in the industry.

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DID YOU KNOW: You can rename your custom USB drive?

USBs are pretty simple, right? You buy one from a store (or online), take it out of its packaging and get straight to using it. You plug it into your computer, and it shows up as a ‘Removable Disk’. You then immediately start uploading whatever data on it that you wish, and start utilizing it as a storage device, to transfer data, or to hand over to someone else.

Well, our custom USB drives are a lot more versatile in every way! First, we provide you with the ability to design your USBs however you see fit. Second, we can upload the data for you before it even reaches you so you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing it yourself. But, DID YOU KNOW we can even go as far as changing the name of the drive from that boring ‘Removable Disk’ to something of your choosing?

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Best Custom Branded USB Drive for Conferences

Conferences and trade shows are loud, busy, and chaotic affairs. Businesses are crammed together in exhibition halls, all of them locked in a fierce competition for eye balls. Marketing budgets, big and small, are used to stand out and attract as many customers as possible. These conferences are a great time to hand out custom branded USB drives. Why? Three main reasons: Continue reading